Wednesday, November 15, 2006

When Asking Can Help

In my last post I talked about how asking for something hurt my credit. This post will be dedicated to two instances where I asked for something and it came out in my favour.

When I moved into my new home this past summer, I had to make the calls to transfer my cable/phone/internet. After making the phonecall to Rogers to transfer the cable and internet at my old apartment. I decided to shop around a little bit. I noticed that Bell was offering its cable (satelite) for about $10 per month cheaper. They were also offering a PVR for 1 year. I used this opportunity and called Rogers about this deal. They new I meant business because I had alredy put in the move order. I told them that I needed them to match the prices that Bell was offering. They not only matched Bell, they went a little further. I received $15 per month off my bill, and a PVR free for a year (worth $240). Not too shabby if I dont say so myself.

Emboldened by this experience, I decided to use this tactic on my cell phone provider. My fiance and I were both Fido users. My contract just expired and my fiance's doesnt expire until February. My current phone just isnt cutting it anymore and I would love a new one. So I called Fido to see what they could do. Since I wasnt under contract, they were falling over themselves to keep me. I would up with a couples plan for $35/month with free VM/Caller ID for a year. I also have two camera phones on their way for free. The best part is that this is all on a 2 year contract, and my Fiance's contract was torn up in favour of the new one. Since we didnt used to be on a couples plan, this is a savings of about $15/month, plus the VM& Caller ID.

With the comeptition out there these days, it never hurts to ask. Oh, wait. It does hurt when it comes to things that require credit checks.

Until next time,


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